Our musicians are participating in a weekly on-line practice challenge during this period of social distancing. Julia Cass is a Grade 11 student at Holy Heart of Mary High School. This is a sample of Julia practicing Bizet’s Carmen Suite. Notice Julia’s clean articulation when she plays the sixteenth notes at the beginning. Amelie Raschke is a grade 11 foreign student from Waterford Valley High School in St. John’s. With the closing of schools, Amelie was required to return to home in Germany. We dearly miss Amelie. This excerpt was recorded in Amelie’s dining room. Elizabeth Ormsby is a grade 10 student at St. Bonaventure’s College. See how successful she is with playing Minuet in G on one foot. This is part of a technical challenge we have been promoting to our musicians. Rory Murphy is a Grade 12 Student from Waterford Valey High School. He is demonstrating his ability to play the tuba on one foot with a hula hoop while wearing a kilt. This is truly amazing Rory!!!

The mission of CALOS Youth Orchestras is to encourage and develop the musical and social abilities of young people who have the desire and potential to play and participate in accessible high-quality orchestra and ensemble programs.